Aurora AM Checkered Large Collar Double Sided Necklace by Finn


Finn develops contemporary jewellery and design accessories. Inspired by architecture and art, Finn intersects past and present, revisiting historic adornment and artistic references, and enlivening them through a modern lens and elegant pop materials. Finn’s pieces are crafted in detail, displayed in multiple layers, facets and curves generating volume. Finn’s jewellery is 100% recycled and non toxic made entirely of novel cellulose acetate, a natural and degradable biopolymer up-cycled from optical industry discards.

Elevate your style to new heights with the Aurora Collection, where vibrant collars
inspired by colorful bird feathers adorn exotic outfits.  Make a statement that turns heads and lets your personality shine through every vibrant hue.

Large modular flower shaped double sided collar necklace - Leather strap with adjustable slider clasp and end caps.

- Total length: 22 in. / 55 cm.

*Acrylic is sourced from a combination of new and repurposed acrylic from industry scraps - Due to the recycled and artisanal nature of the production process items may vary slightly in measure and color*

Each piece is hand made in Argentina.