Influenced by art & creativity, with a romantic spirit, Luceir was founded in 2021 by Kate Rodgers. 'When Luceir was dreamed up I wanted to make jewellery that captures an illusion:  whimsical pretty pieces using vivid natural gemstones that turn up the corners of your mouth instinctively, with colour that speaks to you and evokes a beautiful instant in your memory’.

‘Luceir’ is derived from a combination of the words ‘luce’ (light) and ‘iridescence’. Using a playful array of deep hued gemstones, sapphires, pearls & diamonds, each cut by hand into unique shapes as well as classic gemstone cuts. Designed intuitively rather than based on seasons and trends, creating pieces for everyday wear that can be collected, layered and styled in your own way.

We focus on responsible production practices, each piece of jewellery is hand–made in house, using ethically sourced materials to create wear forever pieces.

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